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Runway 05L Lights

This is a really good place to photograph and film from when runway 2 is closed. Departures from 23R come over at a few hundred feet and arrivals on 05L come over even lower. If you get a 747 coming in on 05L you'll know about it. This spot is very loud and includes a long walk to get to, it's well worth it though!


This is probably not the most child friendly spot at the airport - it takes about 20 minutes to walk there from the A538, when there is no traffic (this is sometimes the case around lunchtime) there is nothing else to see, and landing aircraft are incredibly loud.



All directions start from the Moat House hotel on the A538. Cross the A538 and head back to the roundabout. On the other side of the road, there is a footpath with steep steps leading up a hill. Follow this path for roughly 15 minutes past the rear side of the new fire station and follow the path on the left side fence of the fire station. Follow this route (it goes a bit up and down) until you descend into a valley and the River Bollin tunnel. Cross the Bollin using the metal bridge and head North through the tunnel. Then, turn left up the steep hill with Crash Gate No. 12 at the top. Carry on up there until ground levels out and you're beside Runway 2. Then, go right through a gate. Follow the long path past the dead tree (on your right) and then go through the gate at the end of the path. Turn left at this gate and then take the next right turn.

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