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Runway 2 Mid-Point

This spot is situated about 120 meters from the half-way point of Runway 23L and about 250 meters from the threshold of Runway 05L. This means that it's between the 2 runways and so alot is visible. The spot itself is a small grassed field about 100 x 80m in size. From this spot, aircraft taking-off on runway 23L are visible and aircraft departing on 23R appear suddenly above the perimeter fence (as pictured below), as the spot is actually slightly lower than airfield level. Anything coming in on 05L will fly past quite low and any 05R arrivals will roll past on runway 2.



All directions start from the Moat House hotel on the A538. Cross the A538 and head back to the roundabout. On the other side of the road, there is a footpath with steep steps leading up a hill. Follow this path for roughly 15 minutes past the rear side of the new fire station and follow the path on the left side fence of the fire station. Follow this route (it goes a bit up and down) until you descend into a valley and the River Bollin tunnel. Stay on the near bank (the one with lights on the wall) and walk through the tunnel. You will soon come to an open area with a small grassed area ahead in the middle and the River Bollin on the left. On the right is a steep emergency access road that leads up to Crash Gate No. 13. Walk up this road and climb over the styal on the right or alternatively carry on walking up all the way to the top and step over a section of broken fence on the right.

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