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The Fire Station

This spot offers restricted views of the whole airfield. From the raised ground you can see nearly everything happening: landings, take-offs and taxiing aircraft. However, because of the fire station's distance from the actual airport buildings, strong zoom is required for photography and there are some large trees around which block the view of the middle of Runway 2. This spot is ideal for a break when walking to or from the runway 2 spots but it is not the best place to spend the day.



All directions start from the Moat House hotel on the A538. Cross the A538 and head back to the roundabout. On the other side of the road, there is a footpath with steep steps leading up a hill. Follow this path for roughly 5 minutes to reach the mound which is on the left with a radar antenna on the top. Threre is a small track up the mound but after rain this area can be very muddy so sometimes it's better to go up on the grass. The top of the mound is level enough for tripods and chairs.

Virgin Left Monarch Right

Virgin Atlantic Airbus A330 G-VSXY departing with the fire station mound visible behind.