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Threshold 23L

The runway 23L threshold and its adjoining taxiways are 100m infront of this spot. The entire aerodrome is visible from this location. However, due to the fact that the spot is nearly at ground level, the undulating ground within the perimeter fence obstructs a clear view across the airfield. Therefore aircraft on runway 05L/23R are slightly obstructed by the higher ground between the two runways. Departures on 23L are extremely close and fully visible, as well are aircraft taxiing to and from the second runway. This is spot is the most popular on the South side due to its proximity to the main road and the ease of getting to it.



All directions start from the Moat House hotel on the A538. From the Moat House Hotel, walk up the small wooded lane where walkers park, towards the roundabout. On the right is a black gate. Go through it and walk up the path under the trees. After a few minutes of walking you'll see a large grass mound on the left with a small, soil path that leads up to an 'anti-climb paint' gate. Stay on your path and make your way up via the path that has wooden fencing around it. At the top there's a concrete path going right that leads to a small gate. Go through the gate and head right. After a few minutes you will see a gate on the right that leads to a footpath going to a raised mound (you an usually spot people standing on the mound as this is quite a busy spot. Climb over the gate and walk along the footpath up to the mound. Alternatively, if you're not very good at climbing over gates, carry on for another few metres and there is an open gate to your right that leads up to the mound.

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